CCNA 200-301 Certification


What are the exam rules on personal belongings?

Exam rules regarding personal belongings vary depending on the testing center. Generally, personal belongings such as cell phones, watches, and study materials are not allowed in the testing room. However, some centers provide lockers or storage areas where candidates can store their belongings during the exam.

Is CCNA enough for one job?

CCNA certification can certainly help you land a job in the networking industry. However, it may not be sufficient for certain positions that require more advanced skills and certifications. It's important to do your research on the specific job requirements and evaluate whether additional certifications or experience may be necessary.

Can CCNA certification permits me to continue my university studies?

CCNA certification can be a valuable addition to your education and can provide a solid foundation for further studies in networking or related fields. It can also enhance your resume and make you a more attractive candidate for internships or entry-level positions.

After CCNA certification, what next?

After CCNA certification, you may consider pursuing advanced Cisco certifications such as CCNP or CCIE. You may also choose to specialize in a particular area such as security, wireless, or data center networking. Additionally, gaining experience through internships, entry-level positions, or personal projects can help you further develop your skills and advance your career.

When do I would like to require to take the CCNA exam?

The timing of taking the CCNA exam depends on your individual goals and level of preparedness. It's important to ensure you have a solid understanding of the exam topics and feel confident in your abilities before scheduling the exam. Many candidates choose to take CCNA courses or practice exams to help prepare for the certification.

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CCNA certification is an IT certification offered by Cisco Systems, which stands for CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE. The course duration for CCNA is 1.5 years, and it certifies your skills in network fundamentals, IP connectivity, security fundamentals, and IP services. This certification is perfect for those interested in the networking field as it clearly explains the basic concepts of networking. The exam consists of 120 questions, and upon clearing it, you can become CCNA certified.


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We offer CCNA online coaching with a single batch consisting of six candidates. You can choose a batch that suits your preferred date and time to complete the course. Our trainers have more than 10-15 years of experience and can help you understand the course in-depth, including its practical applications. There are no restrictions on the number of batches you can attend until your subscription is terminated. We are committed to being cooperative and helpful at every stage of your learning journey.


Obtaining the CCNA certification is a valuable step towards building a career in the networking industry. As an associate level certification, it signifies that you have a solid foundation in networking concepts and skills. It can enhance your marketability and make you stand out among non-certified candidates when seeking employment.

CCNA certification offers several benefits to those who pursue it:

  • Increased knowledge: CCNA helps individuals deepen their understanding of networking concepts and technologies, which can be valuable in their career development.
  • Career growth: CCNA certification can provide opportunities for upward career mobility, allowing individuals to take on new and challenging roles with greater responsibility.
  • Higher pay: CCNA certification can lead to better-paying job opportunities, as employers value the knowledge and skills that come with the certification.
  • Job satisfaction: Achieving CCNA certification can lead to greater job satisfaction as individuals feel a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their expertise.
  • International opportunities: CCNA certification is recognized globally, allowing individuals to work and travel anywhere in the world.
  • Skill development: CCNA certification can be a stepping stone to other networking careers, such as becoming a trainer, independent consultant, or CISCO specialist.


Individuals between the ages of 13 to 17 may enroll in this course with the consent of their parents. Candidates who are 18 years of age or older may apply for this course without parental consent. However, this course is most suitable for individuals who have a background in networking.

Highlights/ Key Features

CCNA is a CISCO Systems certification that focuses on data generation. It is an associate-degree Cisco Career certification that covers a wide range of networking fundamentals, including VLAN, routing and switching, CISCO iOS, cabling, and IL layers. The CCNA exam has undergone various changes in response to changing IT trends and is now more rigorous than previous versions.

Key features of CCNA certification training include expert instructors from around the world, access to a CCNA course preview and key resources from Cisco, sample exam papers for practice, accredited course material developed by subject matter experts (SMEs), 1-to-1 coaching and the option of a fly me a Trainer, and an industry-recognized Course Completion certificate. The training is available in over 100 locations globally.

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Exam CodeCS0-002
Number of QuestionsMax. 85 questions
Question TypesMultiple Choice and Performance-based
Length of Exam165 Minutes
Passing Marks750 (on a scale of 100-900)
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, TBD – others
Testing ProviderPearson VUE