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Frequently Asked Questions

There are absolutely no hidden T&Cs to claim any of our offer with No Advance Payment. We will simply provide you with what we promise before we charge you anything.

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What our Customers Say?

harshit nagpal

GMAT - 750

Was Lucky to find CQ

I got 750 in GMAT within 7 days of getting in touch with them. Aki is an exceptional guy. You can trust them with your eyes closed! Go for it.

Akshita Chaudhary

GMAT - 730

its 5 / 5 for me

It was nothing short of a miracle for me getting 730 in my first attempt. Their method is exceptional and not available anywhere else.

Sam Edward

GMAT - 740

Highly recommended

I recommend CQ not just for getting a score in GMAT but because they can help you at every step of your career, even after years of your MBA!

Pallavi batra

GMAT - 720

I got 720 in GMAT!

It was unbelievable for me to see my score on the screen after the exam! It was 720. I got Scheller with 100% Scholarship. God bless CQ team.